Choosing The Right Laptop

Choosing a new laptop can be a daunting task. Decisions like these can take months, however this site aims to answer questions you may have regarding certain aspects of laptops such as graphics cards, processors, and the other basic building blocks that may impact your decision.

General Overview

This page contains the basic description and breakdown of specific items that laptops contain including RAM, graphics cards, processors, hard drives, etc. Displayed with the description will be a highly rated example of each item as well as its corresponding price.

Graphics Cards

This page contains more information about graphics cards. The graphics card that your laptop uses will depend on what you want to use the device for. A graphics card will affect the overall performace of the laptop as well as define what the device is capable of. The graphics card will most likely be one of if not the most expensive factor of a laptop, so knowing more about this part of the device is a very good idea.

Brand Comparison

This page contains useful information about a few of the more popular developers of laptops. This page is useful to those who do not plan on building their own laptop, but would rather browse the options provided by manufacturers.

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