Ethan Learns HTML and CSS

Project 1.13: My News Article

In this assignment, I learn the basic pieces of html. I was tasked with creating a fictional News article so that I could figure out how to format a html piece. I always try to add a little humor to my assignments, which I show a little through my example qoute. The basic run down is that this is taking place in Florida, which is being plagued with tropical storms and flooding.

News Hub

Project 2.04: Starter Gallery Assignment

In this assignment, 3 images that fall under a common category are placed in a gallery. One has to fall under the public domain, and one other must fall under the Creative Commons License for copyright that I must abide by.

Starter Gallery

Project 2.09: Building Tables Assignment

In this assignment, data is stored in a table that includes a caption, column headers, use of the colspan attribute, and at least 3 columns and 3 rows. A conclusion in the form of an unordered list with three items is needed to complete the project.

Building Tables

Project 2.14: Math Test Form Assignment

In this assignment, students are tasked with setting up a form-fillable math test that includes text fields, multiple choice, submit functions, and special characters. This assignment will also utilize comments.

Math Test Form

Project 3.04: Color Scheme Assignment

In this assignment, students are tasked with creating a table with a header that describes something that certian colors relate to. Example: "Tiger"- white, black, orange, pink. After the colors are listed, students will then list the color's hex value, rgb value, and the color's hsl value.

Color Scheme Assignment

Project 3.09 Restaurant Menu Assignment

In this assignment, students are tasked with creating three seperate menus for the three meals of the day, respectively. Utitilizing background images, margins, borders, and padding, the use of CSS is slowly being integrated into our class.

Restaurant Menu Assignment

Project 3.14 Stylish Schedule Assignment

In this assignment, students are tasked with creating a table containing a schedule for a busy day. The table must use an Internal style sheet as well as containing 8 events and times.

Stylish Schedule Assignment

Project 4.04 Staff Page Assignment

In this assignment, students make use of our first "advanced layout" skills - position and floats. The assignment asks students to create a staff page consisting of at least four members, navigation tabs to other parts of this business (the links in this part of my version will lead nowhere), as well as utilizing everything we learned in the previous lessons.

Staff Page Assignment

Project 4.09 A Flexible Puzzle Assignment

In this assignment, students are tasked with using the flexbox style is CSS to complete three different puzzles. However, one piece must be included in the code that does not fix the puzzle, and hidden from view.

Flexible Puzzles

Project 4.14 Scorecard Assignment

In this assignment, students are tasked with using external styling sheets utilizing CSS to manipulate our documents from a seperate document that is called in the assignment. Students are tasked with making three scoresheets of any kind as long as they use the CSS mentained above. The assignment will be linked, but the CSS cannot be linked in a presentable way.

Scorecard Assignment

Project 5.04 Video Embedding Tutorial Assignment

In this assignment, students are taught how to embed videos into their webpages. The assignment is to then use html and css stylesheets to make a tutorial teaching others how to embed a Youtube Video into a webpage.

Video Embedding Tutorial

Project 5.09 The Imitation Assignment

In this assignment, students utilize the editing properties of CSS3 into six selected images. These changes include borders, blurs and other effects.

Imitation Assignment

Final Project

My final assignment was to create a professional website about a topic of my choice using nearly all of the techniques I have learned throughout my class.

Final Project - Choosing The Right Laptop