Tropical Storms Devastate Floridian Coast

The Tides

With the horrible swell of the tides came the destruction of many waterside homes. Many livelihoods have been swallowed by the depths of the sea. One local resident, Mr. Oceanman, told The Floridian Editorial, Oh my lord, I have never seen such a ruckus. I've lived here my whole life and it's never been this bad. As many have witnessed for themselves, this tropical storm has done a lot of damage to the civilians of Florida. With many downed power lines and cell phones going down, first responders are having trouble moving through these conditions. It seems for now, all the rest of us at home can only pray.

Nature's Wrath

In the world's lifespan, there have been many natural disasters and catastrophes. Many of these disasters hit the coast. Florida, as well as most coastal areas have had to deal with many problems derived from these disasters. Flood insurance is high, and all homes have plans set for the next disaster. When nature is angry, boy does it show it.

The wrath of nature is a wrath like no other.

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